Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Saltiness of the Sea

All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; Ecclesiastes 1:7

Solomon understood the hydrological cycle. This complete passage shows it. I took a course in geology at the University of Cincinnati. My wife took more courses on the subject than I did.

I was fascinated with the history of geology. The early geologists basically followed what the Bible has to say. They believed in the flood and in other great catastrophies. In fact they were call catastrophists. The story goes that after the French Revolution, people were traumatized by such upheavals that they longed for a steady, progression of events. So they invented a gradualistic theory of the Earth processes. These people were called Uniformatarians. Not sure if that is a valid explanation for the modern theories, but it is commonly told.

I see a much darker picture--a revolt against God and His Word. Along came a skeptic of the Uniformative explanation of events. One of the questions he asked was about the sea's saltiness. Is the sea about six thousand years old and a result of the flood? After all, the Bible tells us plainly that the sea is not as old as the earth and that at the time of the flood, "fountains of the deep" combined with a huge band of moisture above to create the great deluge of water and change the earth forever.

One of the questions such skeptics ask is, from where did the salt in sea come? Surprisingly, they conclude, that it came from the land via the rivers. Just like my mothers tea kettle became encrusted from boiling hard water. Was the original sea salty? Some believe it was not, but became salty by a process of evaporation. Now this can be measured, and a time line established, that indicates a young Earth--certainly not one that is six billion years old as the modern cabal claims.

Do you believe that science is objective and truthful? It is a battleground! Those who believe in a framework that agrees with the Bible have trouble getting published. But they are there. They cannot get jobs, so they create their own venues, like the Creation Research Institute. I shook hands with its founder. He wrote The Genesis Flood, which has panicked unbelievers in universities. I have seen it happen.

The book is extremely well documented, about one forth footnotes. A young student said, "It's the only book I've ever seen that begins with 'The', footnote number one." He was kidding, but not so far from the truth.

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