Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What! Leftovers Again?

I knew a man who refused to eat leftover food. If a meal was not entirely eaten it was thrown into the garbage. I happen to enjoy them, especially cold chicken.

I wish we could transfer my friend's attitude to our faith. As much of our beliefs are left over from paganism. These are not just curious little antiques from a bygone age, but very powerful archetypes that even today cause us to misinterpret the Bible. In some cases to avoid sound doctrine entirely.

My best friend and I were discussing the harrowing of hell concept that was proclaimed in the Original Scofield Bible. Forty years later, the New Scofield (my favorite Bible) denied this doctrine.

This reminds me of a reviewer at the La Scala opera who said he heard a crowd applauding a third rate singer. They called him back for three encores. Finally an astute critic called out to him, "Keep singing until you get it right!"

I am one of the few who believe Bible translations are getting more accurate as time goes by. Many say that Bible translations are going "liberal". Though the King James is the most beautiful and most compact. I love them all.

Do you remember a Star Trek episode called "Who Mourns for Adonis?" I found it very touching and profound. The Enterprise is proceeding nicely until it is gripped by a giant hand. It is in the grip of a Greek god. After quite a philosophic struggle the god fades away. People no longer believe in him.

I happen to like reading the old myths. They have much to teach us about human nature. I just don't want them to be included in our Bible doctrines.

"Let go your hand, pagan myths. Let my church go free."

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