Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Can Go Anywhere You Want

As a little boy of eight I asked my older sister what it was like to be grown up. High school frightened me. The prospect of study in the big text books worried me. And so I asked.

"It's really neat," she said, possibly sensing my fear. "You can take a bus on your own and go anywhere you want." This is just what I needed to hear.

Later, I did just what she said, and was thrilled to go to the afternoon movies all by myself.

Many years later I had a different experience. I tugged at the restraint of churches that I felt had departed from the Word, or had not completed an adequate knowledge. Thus came my withdrawal from the "business churches" as I call them. When you set your own course, guided only by the Bible you become free. You can go anywhere you want.

It seems that each person has a different call. Some can get all kinds of understanding from Wisdom Literature. Some are geniuses of piety and prayer. Possibly because I had been brought up in the tradition of being a better person and thus possibly earning my salvation, by "gooding my way to heaven", I rebelled against such teaching or programming. I discovered the actions of God, independent of human effort, often in spite of it.

I learned the tabboo subject of prophecy, hated by many and wrongly-applied by others. Though I glory in the whole Word, this area became my special interest. Years of study helped to give me some knowledge here and also make me feel more and more alone.

Not many want to ride this bus. You will often travel alone. But you will be free.

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