Monday, October 7, 2013

Go to Sleep, America!

His watchmen [are] blind: they are all ignorant, they [are] all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Isaiah 56:10

If you are one who watches or reads alternative media, you have heard many times the cry, "Wake up, America!" I mean, if we are to "turn the country around" we must all wake up and do something.

It is easy to assume that people are asleep after a hard day's or night's work. This is not directed to such people. But rather I am talking about "the most-warned" people in history, who refuse to heed the many warnings that are given to them. Only the approach of death and famine to their literal doorsteps will make believers of them.

I was driving a lonely country road on a bright but chilly morning. As I crested a small hill I saw a snake basking on the sun-drenched road. I braked to give it a chance to escape, but though he wriggled vigorously it was too late.

Yes, I draw a lesson from this. While the snake could not see peril until it was too late to escape, what can we say for the all wise human race? I can think of no excuse for those who have been warned, but not only will not heed it, but will not even tolerate hearing it at all.

"Who is that nut building what he calls 'an ark?' ? There has never been a flood before, not even any rain. The past is an infallible guide to the future. Worry not."

I saw a New Yorker cartoon showing a fretting woman. Her husband tried to reassure her. "I'm sure if the world was going to end, Johnny Carson would have mentioned it." What a humorous way to say it.

Now, let me add my personal reassurance. There will be no famine, not in this country. Our food supply will not be contaminated by Monsanto. The economy is on the mend. The FEMA camps are for the poor to vacation in.

Wake up, my beloveds. As for the deniers, there is a vacant place on the road, where the snake used to be.

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