Sunday, October 27, 2013

She Tried to Bake a Cake

She was very young, and this was her first try at baking. She decided on a yellow cake with chocolate icing. She opened her cookbook and found the recipe she wanted and began to gather her ingredients.

Everything proceeded nicely, and soon she was icing the cake. Her mother entered the kitchen and smiled with approval.

"Did you have enough eggs?" she asked.

Her daughter reacted with consternation. "Eggs?" she replied. She reached into the refrigerator for the eggs.

The mother patiently explained that it was too late to use them now. Ingredients need to be blended together in sequence. You can't put in the eggs after the cake is done.

This rather implausible story illustrates how many approach the study and teaching of the Bible, especially prophecy. Being in a hurry, not reading carefully, and neglecting to place things in the proper sequence can lead to great errors.

The person who said they read about King Saul's experience on the road to Damascus is an example of what can happen. The names were the same, but of course the people who bore them were separated by almost a thousand years.

Law and grace suffer the same fate. It happens all the time.

But I am most aware of the grievous wrongs done to the study and teaching of prophecy, and to peoples' lives. It seems that many feel they can take an event that seems to fit into a prophecy and assume that it is currently being fulfilled.

Hitler as Antichrist was widely taught during his time. But to a student of end times it was totally false. Wrong nationality, wrong country, wrong timing, perhaps worst of all.

World conditions, as precisely illustrated in Daniel's great image, show that Antichrist arises in the time of a ten-nation confederation composed of countries out of the ancient Roman empire. This is represented by the image's ten toes. Such a confederation has not yet occurred.

Simply put, God's actions and world history , occur in time and space. They are not made of Silly Putty, to be shaped as we want. There is a whole school of misinterpretation based on this falsehood. I abhor their willful errors. I wouldn't want to eat a cake they would bake.

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