Sunday, November 3, 2013

He Made Kittens, Too

All things were made by Him; and without him was not any thing that was made. John 1:3

My father was alone. My mother had died. He sat looking out his picture window at the birds that came to the feeder. He had an older gray tomcat. Not much play in him. He was beyond the scampering stage. He would sit, composed as an Egyptian statue, as silent and immobile as my father.

One day, on impulse I brought the cat a Pin Pong ball and placed it on the floor before him. He reached down, still with great dignity, and swatted the ball across the floor. Transfixed with its motion he left his paw curled and uplifted above his shoulder. Had there been a competition, he would have won on style points.

My father, seeing his cat's exaggerated style, began to smile, and as the elegant cat left his paw upraised, he chuckled. It was good to hear him laugh, all brought on by the actions of his cat.

What treasures cats are, and what special treasures are kittens. He who made spiral galaxies, the whole universe and all within it, reached down in His majesty and designed kittens.

I remember, as a child, lying in bed, so sad I had been crying. I felt a tug on the covers as a kitten's claws dug in. Soon his little staring eyes were fixed on me. He advanced with such deliberation, as if to say, "I want some attention, and I'm going to get it!" My sorrows were forgotten as I was treated to a demonstration of bread making by tiny paws.

Recently I was overjoyed to read that Noah's ark had been found, one of my favorite Biblical relics. Turkey is creating a national park at the site. Metal fastenings have been analyzed. The dimensions are the ones given in Genesis. This is it! Ground penetration radar has helped, and core sample was taken to check the contents.

The results? The core contained fossilized dung and cat hair. I wonder what the cat looked like? Did it not bring joy to Noah, as our cats do today?

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View documentaries about finding Noah's ark here, here and here.

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