Thursday, November 21, 2013

Who Shall Do Our Thinking for Us?

We live in a nation of action-oriented people. Our tasks, sports, and entertainment are truly world class. So what are we lacking? I believe it is that the population shuns independent thought.

Many times we hear of Americans being called "rugged individualists." To the contrary, I believe we fit another category often used to describe us--"a nation of joiners". After all, there is safety in numbers. This must be true, because it has been said so many times.

I heard of a nation that says of a certain person, "He is different." This is considered a curse, in some societies.

Our major news outlets are almost all owned and controlled by five corporations. This would not be so bad if they were not of so much influence. President Truman said, of the most influential media of his time, "I have nothing but the profoundest pity for those who read the newspapers and believe what is in them." A close friend, who regularly dealt with Washington affairs, agreed with this statement.

Local news is often reported accurately, but major events and government policies are often distorted at the sacrifice of truth. Shall we list other sources looked to for information? Then where do we look?

Ironicly, public opinion is often formed as an echo of itself. We hear it, then believe it.

Shall we turn to religion? Would it shock you if I said "No"? Our local Saturday paper has a section of religious institutions that we may attend on Sunday. Wicca, the religion or practice of witchcraft, is included. But surely, we can turn to preachers or priests? Some of them do pretty good, and many rely on them as a substitute for thinking.

Don't I sound picky though? Yet I invite those who have not tried it, to "go independent". I have met many dear people who are afraid of the very idea. They fear that they just can't do it.

Think of a prophet in the Bible who had public support. Most were loners, and were rejected. They relied on God, and often inquired of Him as to the meaning of their revelations. So, though they spoke and acted independently, they were never really alone.

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