Wednesday, November 6, 2013

These Kids May Not Be as Good as Gold, But They Are Platinum

Attention has been centered recently on a number of children, worldwide, who not only have unusual physical characteristics, but messages beyond those normal to children. Oriental children with blue eyes, African children with white skin and straight blond hair. The first impulse may be to say they are albinos, but this is not the case, nor are they traditionally of mixed parentage.

I say traditionally, because many claim they are "star children", partly human and partly of extraterrestrial origin. Some feel they are ambassadors of a new race with messages of peace, preparing the world for a takeover of space benevolence. I wouldn't be surprised that half of this could be true.

Not that they are of space origin, as of alien planets. Anyone familiar with Genesis six, or Daniel 8, is not unaware of such spirit mixtures. I don't take a stand.

These could be innocent children with no other genetic material than that they have received from Eve. I just believe that Christians should be aware and should try to understand things that could deceive.

The Indian tradition of the white buffalo, indicating great change, has been fulfilled. So perhaps great change is in order.

Find out more about these children here, here and here.

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