Thursday, November 7, 2013

True Jews vs. Fake Israel and Zionism

Being old, I repeat myself a lot. But this time I do it conciously. A number of Christians say that they love Jews and even try to use Jewish terminology in their attempt to identify with them. It seems that Zionists are leading churches away from Christ instead of Christians leading Jews to Jesus.

And how do they do this? By claiming that the modern state called Israel and created by the United Nations, fulfills Bible prophecy. Those in the churches are made to believe that Israel should be created first, before the advent of Messiah. It is hard to overestimate the ignorance of such people concerning this order of events.

First of all, the Bible clearly states that Messiah will lead scattered Israel to the Holy Land. True Jews, shown in the accompanying video, understand this very well. Their oft-stated belief is that the Jewish people should remain among the nations and be good citizens of their respective home countries. In this they illustrate an understanding of the Old Testament totally lacking in many churches.

I will say this, as one who loves the Word of God and his true people. Zionism, promoted by those who are not even Jews, is a pure power grab, not a religious belief at all.

Bless God's true people, his remnant, temporarily unable to recognize who Jesus is. They are faithful to the extent that they know and hold to God's revelation of the true Israel and it's glorious future. How I wish that Biblically illiterate churches and their pastors could do the same. Please forgive me for repeating myself, but as I say, I am old.

Watch "Judaism VS Zionism - Naturei Karta Jews speak out!"

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