Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Great Treaty

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, Daniel 9:27

There are many stories and videos about strange things going on in various places, that have caused many to ask, "Are we in the great tribulation spoken of in the Bible?" Some ask, "Perhaps this is the 'beginning of sorrows'?"

It's easy to see how they might feel this way. When you observe the extreme weather and other phenomena that are happening world wide, you may come to these conclusions. Those who have not really studied Bible prophecy, see videos of rivers that have turned blood red, and see massive fish kills and fear that these are things predicted in the Book of Revelation, may be forgiven.

But we are not in a gun fight where the quickest draw wins. Rather we are in a long distance target match. Accuracy is what is vital. Even a slow learner, such as I am, can understand that the answer to questions about the events of Revelation can reply with a simple "No". We are not in the midst of the great tribulation.

"But," they may say, "these events are in Revelation's prophecies." Among believing Christians are there any more vilified Bible students and teachers, than those engaged in the study of prophecy? "Wild eyed fanatics" comes to mind. It is very popular. I have seen the rolling of eyes when you announce you are a teacher of prophecy. Ministers often deride such study.

But a good student is a very careful person--so slow and careful, in fact that he takes years before he speaks of the truth or falsehood of an interpretation. Especially his own.

A friend of mine was able to dismantle and automobile, repair it, then reassemble it. I watched as he had almost completed such a task. He was about to put the engine head onto the block, when another man said, "You forgot the push rods." In his haste, he had.

Now let me say to those who skip ahead in their interpretation of Bible events, "You forgot Daniel chapter nine verse twenty-seven." It's in there for a reason.

Daniel is the first book of Scripture to introduce us to Antichrist. Not only is he presented, but in chapter nine we are given a precise time table of his actions, down to the day. Until this most evil of men concludes a treaty with "many" in Israel, the Tribulation has not begun. A good Study Bible will rightly divide such times.

An engine will not run without all its parts, and the Bible is misunderstood without its vital scriptures. When we see what is taking place--and it is horrible--we must not skip over this wonderful and revealing passage.

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