Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Will Kill Me

Please pardon my autobiographical departure, but today I found what I will die from. I had a medical exam and found I have leukemia. Lucky me, I have cancer insurance that will cover my last expenses as they did my wife's.

I was thinking of writing a little entry and calling it "You Can't Take it With You, but You Can Sure Leave it Behind". I was told of life extending treatments, but I am not interested in them. To me death is a good way to witness to our faith. I believe we cling to life too desperately. What does that say about our beliefs and values?

Heaven sounds so wonderful that the only reason I would want to stay around is if I could be of use to my friends, and I feel that is about over. 78 years sounds like a good "run".

I believe in the resurrection of the just, though I prefer to call it the resurrection of the justified. He does it all.

I was in a gathering after Bible classes when a lady talked about how wonderful it will be to meet Peter and Paul. "But I'll be afraid to meet Jesus,", she said, and I am sure she meant it reverently. When John saw the risen Christ he fell down before him as if he were dead. Some day soon I hope to do the same thing.

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