Monday, November 11, 2013

Pike's Mysterious Letter a Hoax

It has long been held that the Civil War general Albert Pike wrote a letter to Mazzini telling about three world wars that would not only occur, but be planned and caused. Some say that Pike was a prophet. Others that he was a part of the great cabal that would foment them. In which case it would be like an arsonist predicting a fire that he would set. But the British Museum denies they ever had such a letter.

The third world war was to be stirred up between Christians and Moslems. Or as they say now, Muslims. Like the gingham cat and the calico dog, these nations would destroy themselves, leaving the world open for a new universal religion, maybe even including so-called space aliens.

It is such a relief to know that this letter is a hoax. Once again I can believe that wars are not planned, but are mere happenstances on the road to a better world. The idea that bankers and other members of occult religions conspire to foment terrible uprisings in places like Syria, sounds like the conspiracies that are the province of total nut cases. I certainly don't wish to be identified with such people as that.

Let me affirm my belief that evil forces do not plan to cause conflicts and financial disasters. Some even think that evil people in the very highest places--even the music industry--are working for Satan. No wonder that some individuals believe God will judge an ever increasingly evil world and set up His Kingdom on the Earth. Imagine that.

The safe and moderate way to look at the world is to maintain that governments do not lie, that politicians are honest, and that--though there are setbacks--the world gets better and better. Think of how much nicer and kinder people are than in the days of your parents or grandparents.

There is a religion that teaches the opposite of such terrible thoughts though. It is called Christianity.

View a video on the one eye symbol in the entertainment industry here.

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