Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Man Who Didn't Know He Was a Saint

But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints. Romans 15:25

I had prayed a short prayer asking God to bless his saints assembled to study the Bible. We went ahead and did just that. At the end of our study an old man spoke to me.

"I'm not so sure about that saint stuff," he told me. Turns out he was not certain that he was a saint or "saintly" as some say. And true enough he did not have a halo or a glow about him. He looked like a regular man who had come to a Bible study.

Now who would do that if they were not a saint? For, to a Protestant like myself, each and every one who believes in Jesus is a saint. After all, that is the Bible definition of a saint. It is a simple, but miraculous, work of God that we become saints.

To an unbeliever looking on, it would be so ironic that a person reared in a system that defined a saint Biblicly, would adopt the definition of a very different church, one they had rebelled against. I am not picking a fight with those who define saint differently. But I am so sad to think a member of a Protestant church would not know this definition and teach it to the congregation.

I once served under a Captain in the National Guard who ended each assembly with these words: "Any questions, any bitches or complaints?" Well I have a big complaint against such churches. Tell your people who they are in the eyes of God. Tell them how blessed they are to be separated out and be called saints.

But, as I was informed, the church I left, spent more on floor wax than on Biblical education. What a price to pay for shiny floors!

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