Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Helpful Hints on How to be Better

Every day in every way the world is getting better and better.
Dr. Coue

Even the title is sickening! One of my interests (it sounds better than "obsessions") is to monitor the world's rapid decline. I have a file called "Threats". It covers a list of agonizing world conditions, none of which, I am sure, mankind will overcome. When I have trouble sleeping, which is every night, I mull them over, trying to weigh their relative merits. Yes, merits, if you believe that they fulfill or foreshadow terminal events soon to come.

Now this is not necessarily the mark of a gloomy person. Gloomy describes those poor souls holding betting tickets for the world to win.

A man witnessed a baseball game between an amateur team and a team of prison inmates. He was surprised to find the inmates rooting for the outside team. An inmate explained. "We hate anything to do with prison, even their ball team." Well, shake hands inmates. I am a prisoner too. Only the stakes in this game are far higher.

Heading my list of threats is the radiation reaching our shores and skies, from the battered reactors in Fukushima. Amazing how the Greek myths describe situations such as this. Pandora's box pictures it so well--troubles released that can not be called back.

I realize that "hope" was also let out of the box, but in this case the hope, or cure, is not of this world. I sincerely hope that this horrible event will force Christians to admit that only Jesus can rescue us from this calamity. Positive thinking won't do it this time.

Children and animals are suffering from released radiation already. No one even claims that they have an answer. The poison is already spreading and its effects are increasingly being described in Biblical terms.

In the 50's there was a song, "Show Me the Way to Get Out of this World, 'Cause That's Where Everything is." True, but the Answer is coming, soon I pray.

See Yale: Chief Arvol Looking Horse at U.N. to speak about Fukushima crisis and threat to future of humanity.

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