Friday, August 29, 2014

A Child's Questions About What We Will Do in Heaven

If you try to find what the "experts" know about heaven, it can be disappointing. Ever notice how many times there are experts on subjects that no one knows much about?

The subject in mind is, "What will we do in heaven?" I don't need to know, or God would have told us. But, as I am getting ready to go there, I have a deep desire to know.

Experts (who apparently have knowledge unavailable to us) say brilliant things like "serve". That doesn't help much. It is so generic. I mean, serve how?

My first question is, how will it be when we first arrive? My only guide from this world is the reception center in the Army, but that is awful.

Revelation has a wonderful clue--the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Eating together in heaven. How delightful.

I'm a slow eater (I blab too much), but imagine a huge feast surrounded by our loved ones and hosted by Jesus.

In my imagination, our pets would be there.

"Here _______, try some of this. I don't know what it is, but it sure is good."

In my dreams there would be time for us to just get used to being there, time for shattered childhoods to be repaired, and failed hopes to be fulfilled. A lot of "compensating" is in order. No more aching hearts. We are in heaven now.

After getting to know our surroundings, how will we serve? Will we have earthly assignments?

How wonderful to be like Gabriel, a messenger from heaven to Earth. We could get an assignment to fly to earth to comfort and instruct someone during the millennium.

Will there be bosses (nice ones) who tell us what to do? Perhaps a giant, pearly board posted with jobs to do. "Needed: someone to ________."

Will the Spiritual gifts still be valid, as when on earth?

My dream would be for us to gather to view the face of God, as David wished to do, when he awoke (Psalm 17:15), then go for a long walk with all those we have lost, in a beautiful, heavenly, garden of Eden.

Foolish, uninformed questions--most of them. But what do you expect from a child, even a 79 year old one?

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