Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Ancient New Age

By the time of the introduction of the modern New Age movement, I was just starting to study the Bible. But I was naive enough to think this new way of thinking was just a fad, like the hippies, and would soon fade away. Poor ignorant me. I was to learn that it is as ancient as the serpent in Eden.

This is not to be a rant, just a rave, about the best source of understanding of this Satanic movement I have found under "one cover". The video linked below is the best analysis of the "We are gods" movement I have yet found. It destroys evolutionism and shows how Paul's prophecy of the latter days has started to come true. As you watch it, you will get information that would require great effort--and years--to obtain in any other way.

Watch Demonic Spirits and Angels of The New Age Deception!.

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