Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Dagger vs. Fifteen Years of Bombing

What a horrible, barbaric image! A man decapitated with a knife. What kind of people would sanction such brutality?

Why don't they learn from the USA? Here, you decapitate with BOMBS. You poison an entire country with depleted uranium which causes monstrously deformed babies. If you have someone you do not like, you fly them to a country that specializes in torture.

I saw a film of a morgue that contained bombing victims--victims of our bombs. Most of the dead were women and children. There were women together with their babies, and young children.

The fact that this still unresolved "war" was not declared by congress is of no matter. What does matter is that we kill innocent people with planes, artillery, and poison. The point being that we do not use knives. One American killed with a knife is far, far worse than hundreds of people in a country which we have designated as the "enemy".

When Saddam Hussein was in power, there were 19 Christian churches in Baghdad. How many do you think there are now?

The story that Hussein's head was pulled off when he was dropped too far in hanging is probably just a made up story. We should forget it.

"Our boys" are protecting us in many remote regions. The fact that these places either have oil or are the locations of potential oil pipelines is just an amazing coincidence. Our State Department's great big heart yearns to make these places free. Some day they may even make the US free.

One of my favorite military historians, Thomas Chittum, states, "America was born in blood and will die in blood." While we are slaughtering innocent people around the world, we are dying from within. President Lincoln said America will never be conquered from without. We will fall from internal causes. I feel the USA is dead already, and we are slowly decomposing.

This is only remotely of interest to me. As a citizen of heaven, I concentrate on my homeland.

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