Monday, August 11, 2014

A Dwelling for Demons

She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, Revelation 18:2, NIV

Are there haunted places? Revelation 18 says there are. I was watching a site on You Tube about just such an idea. But the horrible events that occurred to people there were said to result from the operation of ghosts. I can imagine an editor writing "Incorrect attribution".

That there are haunted people and places is a matter of record, both in the Bible and out. But, through cultural custom and habit we credit these events to ghosts. The spirit of Caspar is ever with us.

There is much to be gained from this error. It supports the idea that people are immortal in their "spirit form". Maybe evil ones come up from hell to torment people? Can these spirits be consigned to hell and yet inhabit old houses? Are they "playing hookey from hell"? Sounds like a title for a Roger Corman movie.

There is a much more serious result of the "ghost theory". It distracts us from the correct interpretation, which is demons and demon activities. Now we are upon familiar territory, a body of knowledge where both the Bible and folklore agree.

There are paranormal creatures, happenings, and even places. I doubt if there is a culture that does not believe this. Of course, in our anti-Bible culture, ghosts have been substituted for demons, making us alone in our ignorance. Even pagans know the reality of demons.

But what of places where demons are most at home? In the U.S., I nominate the state of West Virginia. This state is not demonic, but it does have a history where such activity is very evident. Unique petroglyphs and ancient Indian lore testify to this.

When the Bible and common knowledge agree, perhaps we should not ignore it.

See History of Native Americans in West Virginia.

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