Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Healing of the Nations

And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Revelation 22:2

Boy, is this a neglected passage! Have you ever heard a sermon on these trees? And if so, was it talking about literal trees, with literal fruit and leaves?

Must be symbolic. And why talk about it at all? This is the province of the spiritualizing boys, and they seem to neglect getting around to it. Too, too, bad, because it is such a delightful promise!

The earth is so polluted that what was created to give us life is killing us instead. Let me list some of the ways that the polluted earth is now being poisoned.

  • Number one in my knowledge is nuclear radiation. Our gene pool is being degraded, and these alterations do not go away, but are passed on to succeeding generations.
  • Two is atmospheric spraying, or chem trails. Among the many ingredients of these is aluminum in nano sized particles. Free, uncombined, aluminum is doing great harm to our brains and neural systems.
  • Three, chemical pollution of our air, water, and food.
  • Four, genetically modified food crops, which our bodies are not able to properly use.

Blissful, innocent, or preoccupied people may not think about these things, but they are deadly and require a cure which God alone can provide.

So what about "the tree"? Since it grows on both sides of the river, it is not just one tree, but a variety of trees, bearing healing fruits and leaves that have the power to heal.

There are many woes in the book of Revelation, but we should not dwell only on them. In the end we find their effects cured by the promised Tree of Life.

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