Sunday, August 17, 2014

Honey, Where Shall We Have Church, in the Dining Room or the Living Room?

The churches are becoming terribly corrupt. Not only do they teach monstrous false doctrines, but they avoid very important issues because of government restrictions--501(C)(3).

For decades, many people have been leaving such churches and worshipping and studying in their homes. None of my closest friends have gone to church for years, and they are wonderful Christians. Many are tired of "digging deeper" to pay for increasingly large church staffs and building programs.

Amazing things are happening within the church general. Example, the Church of England is returning to the authority of the Catholic church. All kinds of denominations and religions are uniting with Rome.

Many do not have hours to watch and study these things. But I do, and I use my time that way.

It sure looks like the Whore of Babylon is shaping up. Almost everyone is showing up for the casting call.

View the following videos.

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