Friday, August 15, 2014

People and Nations Who Sleep

This is not a rant about "Wake Up America". It is that, just as in nature, sleep of the dead is necessary.

The Dead in Christ are asleep, waiting for the most wonderful call to awake ever. Israel, presently asleep, will awake next, as her time of judgement occurs, ending with the opening of her eyes, when she recognizes Jesus for who He is. The Gentiles wake from the early days of Abel and Seth. The wicked dead will be resurrected for the Great White Throne judgement.

An unbelieving woman that I talked to said, "I don't want to be resurrected!" as if it was up to her. In her case, it is understandable. Who would wish to wake up for their trial and execution?

Finally, oh blessed day, there will be no more awakenings. The wicked will die, never to wake again. The Bible calls this the Second Death. The just shall never sleep again.

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