Monday, August 25, 2014

Gone Fission, There's a Sign Upon the Door

A friend recently told me about his worst fears, learned from watching TV. They were about a personality he had seen portrayed as a monster. Monsters calling others monsters! This is a classic case of misdirection by media. "Don't look at me, look at him!"

I have zero faith in corporate media to tell the truth. I have no TV set. Through the wonders of the Internet, I find a whole world of knowledge. True, it is a mixed bag, but that is because it is free. Anyone can post almost anything there. You have to sort it out. I love to sort it out.

Here is a simple test of the two mediums. See which one will tell you of the threats posed by corporations and your corporate-owned government. Only the Internet will.

To the TV people who frightened my friend, the enemy is some remote person or place that we need to spend billions of dollars to kill. I saw a video of a wedding reception, filled with joy, right up until everyone there was killed by a drone strike. Reason given: there might have been a suspected terrorist in the wedding party! None of them should have been killed, but they all were.

According to General Curtis Lemay, "There are no innocent civilians." Is there a bloodier nation on earth than the one in which I am writing this?

About the test, if you have not heard about the ongoing disaster of Fukushima, you have been relying on Big Media. They reported on the initial event. They could not cover it up. But who reports on it thoroughly and what government monitors and reports the truth about this horrible disaster? Which source brings you Helen Caldicot, Chris Busby, Arnie Gunderson, or Lauren Moret?

Our controlled media is owned and run by some really evil people. They are not Arabs, or Muslims, or any other people we wish to vilify and destroy. Who are they?


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