Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why Doesn't the Bible End With the Gospels?

Since many Christians believe the Gospels are the ultimate in God's revelation, and preachers like to stay in Matthew, why go any further? Is the rest of the New Testament just an inferior add-on?

I have heard an avid church goer say that he avoided the writings of Paul! After all, they say, the Gospels are the words of Jesus. Meaning that the rest of the Bible is composed of mere mens' opinions and confused interpretations. "Stick with the Gospels!" is the war cry of many.

Hark! I hear the hoof beats of the ignorant. They are gaining on us.

Thanks to the wonderful Biblical thinkers online, you can read the works of Luther on up to those departing from the myth-inspired Corporate Church hacks. You don't even need a library card. I see another Reformation taking shape. Thinking (and Bible reading) Christians are departing from traditional, thoughtless, Babylonian-Greek mythology, and getting closer to the Faith Once Delivered.

Did the church shake off all the devil's lies when it departed from Catholicism? Has the devil retired from his role as the ultimate liar?

Starting with the Acts of the Apostles, to the book of Revelation, we see the wonderful development of the Church. It is not a re-treaded Israel, it is a new creation, hidden in the Old Testament. The church has a New Covenant and a very separate future. She has her own special letters. Like postal letters, we see who they are for by looking to whom they are addressed--"to the church in Phillipi", etc.

Israel will wake up from her God-induced sleep soon to a glorious future, but now we need to get to know God's revelation to His church. If your (job-scared) preacher can't get out of the Gospels, get a new preacher, or a new church.

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