Saturday, November 29, 2014

Every Actor Wants to Die

On the show "The A-Team" no one ever died. Machine guns blazed. There were explosions and fires, but no fatalities. Then towards the end of the series one of the villains died, dramatically, and close-up. I watched an interview with this man. He smiled as he said, "Every actor wants to die!" It is hard to top the drama in this kind of scene.

The Bible has a number of such dramatic scenes, beginning with those in the book of Genesis. One of the great prophecies concerning the future of the twelve tribes, and even the emergence of Jesus, is in the book of Genesis, chapter 49. At its conclusion we read:

When Jacob had finished giving instructions to his sons , he drew his feet up into his bed, breathed his last and was gathered to his people. Genesis 49:33, NIV

But Jacob was not an actor in a fictional play, and neither will we be, if we have the opportunity to be aware of our approaching deaths.

Arthur Schopenhauer said, "Women see us into the world, and most likely will be the ones with us when we die." I am, of course, not sure if a woman will see me die; but I hope that if she does, she will give a good report.

How will we behave as we near death? Will we give a good witness? It is our last opportunity to exhibit our faith and trust in God. It is our big scene. Let us make it a good one for those standing by.

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