Thursday, November 6, 2014

The University of You

Once in awhile I dial around to hear what subjects preachers are talking about. No worry, I have a barf bag close at hand.

More and more, the theme is You, Wonderful You. I don't mean you, personally, but the keep-your-job crowd pleasers are pushing how you can be a success in almost every way. "Having a successful marriage" is very popular, as is "You and your teen age children". This is kind of a remedial course. Maybe it should be called "Now that you've neglected your tiny ones, here's how to bring them back under control".

But despite the popularity of these themes, it looks like the new courses will surpass them all. The new ones are "How to invest wisely using the Bible's hidden investment code." The idea is often presented that, since God loves you, He wants you to be wealthy. Forget privation, or the test many face of making do with very little, to prove their endurance in the present Satanic world.

Sure, Jesus did not have a home. The disciples and Paul lived in poverty. But that's because they didn't have the amazing DVD we are offering in this one-time sale. To take advantage of it you must call the following number...

This gets to the very root of what is really important--you!

If we compare the Old with the New Testament, we may be shocked as we think how most of the Bible was written about Israel, a lot more than about the church. It's like God really loves them and is concerned about their history and their future. I say future because Israel has not, and will not, be replaced by the church. Not even the Presbyterian Church!

You know that in all creation, I feel there is no one more blessed than those in the church. We are the bride of Christ. How can you be more blessed than that? But we are not the only ones of God's people. And within the church, our little schemes amount to nothing.

I do expect to be wealthy some day, with a wealth that we all will have. Not in this life of course, or as a result of taking worldly courses in the University of You. Our wealth will be a result of attending the University of Him.

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