Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mr. Mel N. Choly, Salesman

The sun was beginning to set as the door bell rang. I opened it to see a gimlet-eyed salesman with his sample case.

"Have I got some things for you!" was all he said.

Out of curiosity, I let him in. After a quick look around he strode to my dining room table and opened his case.

"I've got some products for you that never wear out," he began. "Once you have these, you'll always have them. And, because you are my first customer in this area, everything you will receive is absolutely free!"

He looked around. "Love what you've done to this place. Lots of room for what I have to offer."

I looked at my bare walls and Goodwill furniture. What could he be thinking of?

"You see, I sell regret. Hopeless sorrow. Things like that. Your bare walls are perfect for the kind of pictures we offer. Your lost friends and loved ones, your dead pets too, will look great there. We even have a projector for your bedroom ceiling. When you look up, you'll see their faces there, so you won't ever be able to forget them."

"I already can't forget them," I said. "They haunt me night and day."

He kept on. "Yes, but these are just images. What about the emotions they stir up? We can make them much more intense."

"Impossible," I replied. "Look, I don't need any of your products, so please leave!"

Unmoved, he began thumbing through his sample case. "Ok, what about guilt? It's one of our biggest sellers."

I explained that Jesus took away my guilt at Golgotha.

He explained that his outfit didn't get involved with theology. That way they could sell to everyone. "I'm not contesting what you say about salvation, but what about the feeling of guilt? Everyone should have this."

I walked to the door, holding it open. I was through talking about things I already had.

"Why did you even open the door if you weren't going to buy anything?"

Wearily I said, "Because I knew you would keep on ringing if I didn't."

He glared at me. "I'll be back. I'm sure you'll change your mind. Meanwhile, I've got other customers."

I watched as he walked away into the darkness. "Other customers. I'm sure you have them," was all I could say.

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