Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick, Turn On the Sump Pump, the Truth is Leaking In

Remember when the truth in the KJV seemed frozen in place? All other translations (few as they were) were compared to it. In much of the church this is still true. Not only other Bibles, but the original texts of the Septuagint were judged accurate only if they agreed with the KJV, the reverse of what it should be.

Imagine someone years ago making a ruler using a Standard Foot from the Bureau of Standards. Others eventually decided to make rulers too. But instead of their accuracy being judged by the Bureau of Standards Foot, they are compared to the old ruler. Someone using more accurate ways of manufacturing claims his model is more accurate. "No," say the old ruler people. "The Standard must be wrong. Our ruler is absolutely perfect."

When I pointed out that Acts 12:4 should be rendered "passover" rather than the KJV "Easter", a super fundamental lady I knew said, "Maybe the Jews observed Easter?" Anything to defend the KJV, even if you had to declare that it was right, and Luke was wrong. The Bible that is more accurate than the original author!

Good Christians are learning more about the Word than ever before. Their disagreements over texts and doctrines are not always of the Devil. Sometimes they are of the Holy Spirit, still warring with the Father of Lies. Absolute perfection does not exist on this earth, even in Bible translations. Perfection awaits the return of the Lord.

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