Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Give me an E, Give me a G, Give me a Great Big O!

I am certain that the hardest thing to eliminate in the character of false theology is the human ego. Impossible really, in most cases. Even scripture cannot defeat it. More than pride, it is the foundation of our sense of being.

To many, loss of the ego is like death. To be told that we are not the authors of our salvation is intolerable. We have been told that our "free will" ranks higher than God's will itself. To read in the Bible that God elected some of us to be His children before the world was made is impossible to accept, even by the beneficiaries of this action. "That makes us into robots," the rebels say.

The emphasis of these deniers is on man's image of himself, as opposed to God's sovereignty. Scripture, like the ninth chapter of Romans, is of no avail. It is to be avoided in order to preserve the illusion that we have the final say so of our destiny. Until we understand that God, our maker, determines who will be saved and who will not, we are self willed children, theological "brats". When we finally yield, we are rewarded with a peace we never had before, when we tried to make ourselves little kings.

"Father, we did not become Your children when we called You Abba, "Daddy". Rather we called you Abba, because we were already your children."

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