Friday, November 7, 2014

Going "Study"

Not with your dream date, but with a wonderful Bible. Yep, just one book. You know how I wish people would open their own seminaries. Starting with a three-book seminary, with yourself as dean. But for those who don't have the money or the time, or access to the internet, one book will do. That one magical book is, of course, your study Bible.

I prefer the New Scofield, but they're all good. Not for doctrine (also known as opinion) , but for tracing a rare and wonderful thing--what God really said.

A man just told me that the Watch Tower boys put a comma in the wrong place, changing a reading to one he did not like. To him, the wrong place was one that disagreed with the King James Bible.

If only Martin Luther could have had a KJV, he could have gotten everything right. Let me say that, if your doctrine is dependent on the placement of a comma, you are in deep trouble. You have wandered into "jot and tittle" territory. For the original languages have no commas. They have been added by translators.

Even though the King James is my favorite translation, it is not the Bible, only a beautiful attempt to render the Bible into English. It will get you saved, but it is not infallible.

Acts 12:4 in KJV uses Easter in place of Luke's "passover". Man alive, the scrambling that takes place to justify the KJV! "Maybe the Jews observed Easter?" some will say, as if that justifies changing the word of Luke to that preferred by the translators!

So where does a study Bible come in? Because a study Bible will retain the original translation, but show you the proper word or words in a bracket. You are still free to retain your erroneous assumption. That is one freedom we retain in this once-free land. Be as wrong as you wish, and Happy Easter Eggs to you.

I must say that continual adherence to a study Bible will make you a lonely person. Guess how I know that? You may be forced to commune with Christ alone.

At this point someone will say, "You'll never find a perfect church!" So true, but you will discover God's perfect Word.

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