Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just a Natural Cycle

A young man about 25 years old kisses his wife goodbye at the door. She is a vivacious 23 year old. In the evening he returns and sees an old woman of about 80, asleep in a chair. She is wearing the same dress his wife had worn in the morning.

She wakes, puts on her glasses, looks up at him and says, "Hi, Honey."

It's his wife! The man grabs a phone, calls his best friend, and blurts out, "Hank, you've got to help me. My wife has turned into an old woman."

His friend calmly tries to reassure him. "Now hold on Bill. Nothing to get excited about. It's just a natural cycle. We all get old. Always have."

Bill yells into the phone, "Sure we all get old, but in one day?"

A good friend told me that he thought global warming was a hoax. He said that a scientific study shows that the temperature of the earth has remained the same for fifteen years. One reference to a "study" had convinced him. This idea, going around now, meant to pacify people, was based on a satellite survey which has since been discredited.

When Sean Hannity tosses out a reassuring idea like this, some people follow it as if it were a revelation by God. That his corporate sponsors favor such propaganda is not at all surprising. It tells people that all is well. Use lots of petroleum. We will make plenty of $$$$$ and you will have peace of mind.

Now, I want you to know that I do not worry at all about global warming, true as it is. People can use all the carbon they want. I don't care. Though north and south polar ice is melting at an increasingly rapid rate and sea levels are rising, this is nothing compared to what will happen in the Last Days.

Man has a hand in it. It is not a natural occurrence. Not at the present rate. Nothing will stop it, or the cataclysmic changes ahead. While man messes with nature, God will soon surpass anything man can do.

Watch Discovery Channel - Global Warming, What You Need To Know, with Tom Brokaw.

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