Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Get a Good Day's Sleep

Yep, I meant "day".

There is so much tension in the air, and some people are even helping to spread it around. Despite the fact that it is well known that the world is run by competent, benevolent leaders, some people keep feeling a sense of dread that keeps them from enjoying a good day's rest.

And why the unrest?

It is because there are people in our midst called "conspiracy nuts". Highly educated critics may call them "theorists". The media refers to them as "buffs". But whatever the name, they should be grabbed off the street and put into prisons, maybe tortured until they realize their errors. Don't even give them a trial.

Wait a minute, that's what we do now!

Anyway I'm glad they take them to foreign countries for the torture, places where it's not against the law. Let's keep it nice and legal, and secret too. I mean, how can you have an open society without secrecy?

But back to the "buffs". Do you know I have been accused of being one. Me, a "buff"? Just because I believe there are things happening that are killing people. Things that are deliberately caused, like chemtrails and GMO foods.

And that is just the beginning. Sometimes I believe that this perfect world is going to turn out just like Jesus and the prophets said it would.

But I am not a "buff". I'm more of a "nut" type. Sometimes it is Royal Macadamia Nut ice cream. But today it is coconut cake. Let's have a nice piece with a glass of milk. Then we can go back to sleep.

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