Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lighting the Incinerator With a Paper Match

In a nearby city, there was a huge municipal incinerator. It could be seen from a long distance, it was so large. It was used to burn all the waste of a city of half a million people. A conveyor belt moved the trash as it burned until there was nothing left but ashes. The only things that made it through unburned were grass clippings and watermelon rinds. They needed to be recycled.

A reporter asked what source of heat was used to heat it. The operator said, "It just burns by itself. We start it with a paper match."

To most, the mention of the mistranslated word "hell" describes a place deep within the earth where immaterial souls are tortured by material fire before they are put on trial. Again, where brimstone or sulfur is mentioned in the Bible, we are seeing a description of an open-air dump for the incineration of corpses. The interior of the earth has no need for sulfur to heat it. Without an air supply it would not burn there anyway.

Away with pagan myths and the eternal torment theory!

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