Saturday, December 27, 2014

Things to Come

Not a mini-lecture on prophecy, but a rave review on a book on prophecy. That's why I included it in my starter book for your own seminary library. I've read a bunch of books (or started them) through the years, but where Bible prophecy is concerned, Things to Come, by Dwight Pentecost is the greatest of them all. It is easy to read and covers all major themes, including different interpretations, ending with his, which are classic and wonderfully explained. So I thought I would sneak it in among my choices for the most important books.

I read a piece on why women are better at getting mechanical work done on cars than men are. Why? They get more than one opinion. They check things out. To believe whoever gives you your Bible information, as if they were the final authority, is dangerously naive. To do so would lead to a bunch of denominations--just like we have. Men do not go to seminaries just to study prophecy, or even the Bible itself. Believe me, many preachers are as dumb/wrong as they can be.

Ever read the story of Frank Demara? He was a hoaxer, who performed surgery successfully and taught college by keeping a few pages ahead of his students in a text. It was easy. They made a movie about him, starring Tony Curtis. Just be less ignorant than those you lord it over.

In many congregations that's not hard to do. With Things to Come you will know more on this subject than almost any preacher. When you talk to them, confront them, they will melt like a snowman on a warm day.

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