Friday, December 26, 2014

Your Private Seminary Bookshelf

Every church should have a library, don't you think? Certainly, every seminary should have one. Imagine one person, a family, or a group of families setting up a library for their home church or home seminary. It would make them theologically independent. They would no longer need to rely on corporate churches for knowledge on the most important subject in the world.

It is terrible to think that fathers and mothers rely on someone else to teach their children about God and His Bible. You would not deny them food, or give them impure food. End of nag.

This beginning of a library which I want to recommend to you is what I have used for years. I promise that if you use it, even moderately, you will be able to cream any seminarian, plus eliminate many errors commonly promoted by them.

Of course, not everyone has the time or the money for even this basic library. I would recommend that a family or group appoint a "designated student" to use this list of books, and share them with others.

Ever notice that no matter how small a church, there will always be someone who can play the piano? God provides for our hymns. He will provide your own seminarian also.

Private Seminary Bookshelf Recommendations

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