Sunday, December 14, 2014

Proton Decay, or the Expiration Date of Matter

Old matter? I remember how amazed I was at learning that some scientists have calculated the "shelf life" of elements. Just like people, they will grow old and decay. Looks like, just as matter had a starting point, it also has an ending point.

I know that this is considered just a theory by some, but then, what truths were not once just theories? I could say that science, the present item for world worship, keeps being revised, while the Bible remains unchanged. But for now, I'll be nice and leave it unsaid.

The united front of scientific truth has never existed. Scientists fight like cats and dogs, except cats and dogs get along a lot better. A lot depends on who pays them and how long they have held their views. Change for some scientists is impossible.

Their erronious beliefs will be buried with those who held them. It must be rough on materialists to have their god even questioned.

But, let's say what would happen if all matter ceased to exist. What would be left? Oh, yes, spirit. The Creator of matter will be left. Spirit beats matter once again.

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