Friday, December 19, 2014

Who Baptized John the Baptist?

Just asking. Remember the baptism of the disciples? Was Luther immersed?

Then there is my own situation. I was baptized as an infant! I just like to tweak believers in baptismal regeneration. Especially those who deny they believe it and yet follow it. They need a little tweaking.

The believing thief on the cross? God made an exception for him, they reluctantly say.

They look darkly upon infant baptism, but accept infant circumcision. They won't actually say that I will go to hell, but believe I should be re-baptized "just to be sure". I did not have a "believer's baptism", they say. This makes my baptism as a baby invalid, according to them.

Apparently, God does not choose. Only man can do that. Would God interfere with that most decidedly sacred institution, man's free will? Of course not! That would mean that salvation depends on God's choosing, and we can't have that, can we? God must stand aside while man makes his choice. Otherwise, God would be greater than man. Unthinkable to many.

To these people, nothing must violate man's will, not even God Himself. Sounds much like the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, of Ayn Rand, or of Adolph Hitler himself. But, not to worry, you can still have your God, just so his will is secondary to man's.

This reviewer rates the doctrine of man's will, ten out of ten in the ego gratification category. And that is what much of religion is all about. Beware to all who would impugn it.

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