Friday, January 23, 2015

Churches That Help the Devil

You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine. Titus 2:1

A wide range of churches is available. It's a consumer's delight. Just pick one that agrees with you, and is near where you live. The closer the better. Check out the parking lot. Is it filled with cars? That is always a good sign. If lots of people attend, it must be a good church.

Do they have good music? I have heard the hymns of a church where the choir sang without any piano or organ. It was the best such singing I have ever heard.

Now this is probably just a coincidence, but the sermons from this church changed my life. I was already a Christian, and he was not an evangelist; but he hit me with a doctrine--one which I had not heard from a pulpit before--and I took it in.

He told no jokes. There were no church "announcements". No yelling. Nothing like that. Just pure doctrine. And it was contrary to what I had always heard before.

To confirm people in what their fallen natures, and the devil, tells them, is a crime. A preacher should change them--send their minds in a new direction. Else what is he for? Why get dressed up and drive to a church that repeats what you already know? The largest denominations do that, though.

The Pope--any pope--may pronounce his desire for "peace in the Middle East". Social justice is very popular. Then there is a pagan ritual--the same every day--where, completely against the Bible, they pretend to offer--again and again--the blood and body of Jesus.

"But I don't follow that," you may say. So what is your routine that you follow?

A school or university exists to move you forward. In the same period of time given to them, what have you learned (and unlearned) from your church?

This will be a make-believe story, but please imagine with me. A preacher is chosen, or assigned, to a congregation. His preaching is popular. The music and sound system are really great. Soon the place is so packed that there is need for multiple services and there is talk of a much larger building or auditorium. Money rolls in. Then suddenly, this highly popular man is fired! But why? Because his church has not taught sound doctrine.

Ever heard of such a story as this? Think you ever will?

There is a point to all this. If you neglect God's Word--if you comfort or excite--you can make lots of money and be very popular. And you will not be fired. These are, to me, churches that help the devil. Jesus rebukes them in the book of Revelation 3:14-18.

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