Friday, January 16, 2015

Don't They Have an App for That?

In the movie "Being There", the protagonist, formerly isolated from the world, is confronted by an armed man demanding his money. Quickly, he begins pushing buttons on his tv remote in an attempt to change the channel. Poor guy, he had been living in a tv world, where unpleasant knowledge could be escaped by just such a tactic.

Audiences laughed at someone so deluded that he felt there was an electronic device that could let you escape reality. But "Being There" was made many years ago. Today we realize that you can escape through electronics. Today we have video games, and perhaps more importantly, smart phones.

I'm not knocking them, they work. Pick a remote place. It's guaranteed that no matter where, even people who live on short rations will be using, at least, primitive phones. How primitive? So basic that you can only use them to talk on!

But soon this will be remedied as the smart phones take over. Since I enjoy humor, I look forward to the universal use of smart phones, even smart phone brain implants.

Much of humor is based on surprise, and I anticipate the day when the world population is finally reduced to the helpless condition of Chancey Gardener, the man with the tv remote. Push the buttons. God's future cannot be altered by them. Reality will eventually have to be faced.

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