Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Great Conveyor Belt

Surely I'm not going to write about conveyor belts! Actually, I'm not. Just about one--the one we're all on. It was built to take everyone and their possessions to the grave. It's extremely democratic, everybody can ride on it. In fact, everyone must ride on it.

So, is it my own circumstances that cause me to think about the grave? Nope, the reality hit me when I was young, way back when my muscles were tuned with tuning forks and I was quick-witted. But what a morbid thought. Everyone and their possessions are headed for the landfill.

Have you noticed that when you think of seemingly terrible things--things you don't want to allow into your mind for one second--that you may get the creepy feeling, the conviction, actually, that they are true?

A few people are willing to trade the diversions they try to hide behind for even a glimpse of the truth. They let go of an induced unreality (now days known as as The Matrix) to look reality right in the face. Unlike people who ride thrill rides to get the excitement of threats and be relieved when the ride ends, some people are drawn to face the reality of life's end.

At this point, Worldly Wiseman gets out his cigar box of standard dodges. Here are some of the most-used.

  • "If you can't do anything about something unpleasant, then why think about it?"
  • "You might as well enjoy life as much as you can, while you're still alive."

These are Devil-tested and seem to work for lots of people.

Back to the Great Conveyor belt.

Long ago I started thinking about some unpleasant things. Not that I liked them, but because I knew that they were true. I took the Red Pill, trading reality for the attempts at evading it. Makes for a sad person, you might think. I mean, envisioning every person with all their possessions on a great big moving belt headed for destruction.

Years later, I ran into the wonderful truth--or rather it ran into me--that though the big belt keeps moving and cannot be stopped, some people are going to get off of it. I learned that when you begin to apprehend truth, it first seems bad. But when, finally, it is fully revealed, it is full of joy.

For the great majority, the non-elect, they will just lean back in their recliners on the great moving belt. "Believe I'll have another blue pill. It helps me to enjoy the ride."

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