Saturday, January 3, 2015

Going Up, Going Down? The Elevator of History

In a Chicago museum, there was a display of skeletons, arranged according to size, supposedly to show the slow progress towards the evolution of man. It was very graphic and impressive. It was totally false in the "truth" it was meant to reveal. When I later visited, it had been taken down.

According to those who run our culture, we have been making progress over a period of billions of years, not only physically, but intellectually and morally. This is not a diatribe on evolution, but a commentary on the concept of progress. The ancients believed that civilization has been in decline since the earliest of days. A little conflict of concepts here, eh?

Those in the past believed we are falling. Now we are being told we are rising. The Golden Age was once believed to be in the past, now we are told it is yet to be.

Christians know which way the elevator is going. Except in technology, the last bastion of the progress crowd, we are in a fatal decline. The ancients, being closer to the time of the creation, lament the loss of something we can only dream of.

If only David or Isaiah had had smart phones!

Along with the advances in, and obsession with, technology, comes an "advance" that threatens us all. Strange, but this doom is not widely talked about. I guess it hurts Satan's Progress Theory too much. This is the radiation continuously gushing from several sites into our air and water. We have better radiation and more efficient ways to kill. That is our approaching Golden Age.

See Golden Age, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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