Monday, January 26, 2015

Some Useful Words from a Counselor

I just listened to a great program where a counselor was interviewed. Though she was a marriage counselor, this was all about the problems women face, and how to correct them.

First the lady said, in a comradely fashion, "We women are relational beings, starting with our families. Your birth order and how you were treated as a child can last throughout our lives. If this is causing troubles for you, remember, that was then. Now you are dealing with different people who see you differently, so forget the past whenever possible." She dealt at length on the emotions of women that men know little or nothing about.

Can I ever identify with this next one! A good friend of mine tried to explain to his wife about men. "Men are problem solvers," he said. At least good ones are. They feel the need to work on things, often seemingly unemotional things.

Watch a man in a hardware store. Any man who is not fascinated by such a store has a problem! When he thinks of protecting his loved ones by maintaining their "nest", he may say to himself, "If the roof starts leaking, I could use this compound or tool to fix it." This too is relational and loving, just in a different way--a "man way".

The counselor said, "Since we are relational, we respond to the people we hang out with. We need to choose these people with care, because they will change us, for the good or for the bad."

Though I usually avoid programs about feelings and self image, I found this lady fascinating. Her last words were questions. "What is the most important thing in your life? What would you like to be, or to achieve? Then what are you doing about it, starting today?" Aren't these excellent questions?

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