Friday, January 30, 2015

Consequences of a False Millennial View

Did you know that Jesus returned to the earth and began ruling in 1914? I didn't either, yet many are teaching this. They are not a church, they shun the very word. They meet in "Kingdom Halls".

Of course, I speak of the Watchtower Society. According to their teaching, the return of Jesus was invisible. When confronted with the scripture that says "every eye shall see him" (Revelation 1:7), they try to correct the Bible, by saying that everyone shall see the consequences of His return, referring to World War I.

This is ludicrous from many points of view. Despite it's title of "world war", this conflict was not world wide in scope any more than the "World Series" involves the entire world.

The Watchtower group is not Christian at all, because it does not believe or teach that Jesus is God. The saying that "Christology is the test of orthodoxy" certainly illustrates how wrong they are.

Two men recently came to my door with their spiel. They seemed like likeable fellows, but the spokesman was like a wind up toy with no pause button. He began to tell me about Lucifer's fall. I tried to tell him that I have known about everything they were going to say, for many years.

I have their own proprietary Bible, the New World edition, and have read their books going back so long ago that they pictured Jesus with a halo. But the so-called Jehovah's Witnesses do not listen. They are programmed cultists.

As far as their millennial views, they share them almost exactly with Covenant churches. Both teach that we are now living in the millennium.

How do you like living in the millennium? Isn't it great? Wars are ended, there is peace on earth, and, according to them, Jesus is on the throne, but invisibly.

Their devilish deception is obvious, yet their numbers grow. Minorities, and the poor, are their main source of converts. They reach out to them in their literature and in person.

So who to blame for the success of this organization? We could say the churches, for not giving basic teaching that would make people immune to this garbage.

Most churches do not teach the truth about the true purpose of the millennium and the subjects of it. Though peaceful, this peace is governed with rod of iron rule. It is the last test of mankind. Even one thousand years with Jesus on His throne does not convert the subjects of this test.

At the end of the thousand years, when Satan is released from his chains, the inhabitants of the earth rebel and God destroys them with fire (Revelation 20:9). Not one goat has become a sheep.

This is all prophesied. Nothing can, or should change it. Anyone who teaches otherwise teaches falsely.

But the cause of the deception is more than false church teaching. It comes from letting someone else do your thinking for you. People will let the "experts" tell them what to think, rather than turning to the pure word of God. It began in Eden, and is still going on.

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