Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let No Man Deceive You

We have talked about what will take place in the last days of Israel. It will be a seven year period, exactly measured out by unmistakable events in Daniel 9:24-27.

Gee, I wonder why certain churches won't ever, ever, teach about these verses? That was a rhetorical question. I know why, and I hope you do also. When people have a giant scheme they are working on, make lots of money, get more real estate, gain more prestige, and things like that, they don't want to hear about anything contrary to it.

The Bible is very contrary to it. So they just don't teach the Bible. Not systematically. They give brief "inspirational" sermons once a week, instead.

But this is omission, not deception, you may say. Right. But being dead churches they cause people to seek life elsewhere, often in cults, or among the misinformed. Amazing how devilish, or just plain stupid, churches can be so full of life. Attract like the moth to the flame.

I have known two ladies who had dull husbands. I mean really dull, as in a neon sign overhead reading "Dull Person". As is done often today, they divorced them. They should have stayed with them, but you can understand their motivation. Some churches are like that too.

There is a very simple remedy--tell the truth. To a Christian, nothing is more exciting than the truth. Only takes one person to do it. Dead authors do it all the time--tell the truth, get people stirred up to learn more. Could it be that money grubbing is not appealing to those not engaged in it--those with very different values?

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