Monday, January 19, 2015

Let Me See You Die

I've been thinking about dying a lot recently. Not just my own death, but death in general. Frankly, I think too much is made of it. It is seen as the end of everything.

My best friend told me of a study on how many doctors opt against life-prolonging treatments. They should know. But I figured that one out on my own. Life-prolonging--life itself--keeps us from heaven.

So why do we cling so desperately to life? Pardon me if I get a little cynical, but I think we try to hang onto life because we feel that it is all we have. I speak of Christians that can't let go, or don't want to.

For me, I figure all the good things are in heaven, so I want to go there. Simple as that. I am not proud of my life--mostly wasted--but I know God is rich in mercy. I count on that. I rely on Him as my only hope, so I can relax.

As concerns the process of dying itself, I know that death does not hurt. It is life that hurts. I want out of it. Little babies die. Anyone can do it. And most importantly, Jesus showed us the way. He died and came back from the dead.

I remember my mother saying that no one has returned from the land of the dead to tell us what lies beyond. But Jesus did. He had no stories to tell us about people screaming in hell, or of Abraham in a cool part of hell.

Lazarus--the real one--told us nothing of his adventures there. Lazarus was dead, and that would make a dull story. It is his resurrection that is so thrilling.

Young people and the middle aged will surely be raptured alive. As for the old or fatally sick, this is our big chance to show how much we want to be with God.

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