Monday, January 5, 2015

Mr. Smarty Pants on Alexander

Dear Mr. Smarty Pants, about Alexander,
I just read you saying Alexander the Great is a type of Antichrist! How did you come up with that one?

A. By reading all of chapter eight of Daniel, for one thing. I think maybe you have not. Prophets often blend from near events to distant events. Starting with chapter eight, verse nine, we see a world leader emerge from one of the horns of Alexander's broken horn. This is from his lineage of power and influence. Nations that seem to have declined will rise again. In fact, one of them, Greece, will be the beginning of Antichrist's empire. I have a link here, which shows Alexander wearing a helmet with goat horns. That is why I call him "Alexander the Goat" as a memory device.

Q. Do you make this stuff up?

A. If I did, it would be a lot easier than the four years of study which I did to gain an understanding of this wonderful book.

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