Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Used Judgement, Still Available

How many times have you heard it said that God, in the Old Testament, was a God of Judgement; but the New Testament God is a God of love? One time is too many.

The greatest judgements are yet future. The last book of the Bible shows them clearly. But, except for the letters to the churches in the first three chapters, these judgements are reserved for Israel and the Gentiles.

For His people in the church, there are and will be, chastenings, but no judgements. Jesus has paid for these, on His cross. So why talk about judgements at all? Because they are coming, and God emphasizes them in His book. Let's be sure we assign them to the right people though.

Such an ego-killing shock it would be for many Christians to realize that most of the Bible is not about them! It is about gentiles past and future, and about God's people Israel. These are the subjects of the coming judgements.

I'll include my own nation, the USA, as being ripe for judgement. Our greed and bloodiness, our desire to be #1, make us a candidate on a par with ancient Tyre. Why aren't we in the Bible? Because we have no bearing on Israel, that's why. The modern state of UN-generated Israel does not count.

So, judgment, though older than the Flood, is in store for many. The church will not be here, but for those who will be, the greatest judgements of all time lie ahead.

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