Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why the Jesus Parade?

And a very great multitude spread their garments in the way; others cut down branches from the trees and strawed them in the way. Matthew 21:8

A parade for Jesus, "a very great multitude"? Why? The answer is very simple and exact. It is found in Daniel 9:24-27. Here the very day of the coming of the Messiah is given. The link below gives a great review of the 70 weeks prophecy.

You may say that Jesus came three years earlier than the time of the royal parade. But the prophecy in Daniel 9 is for Messiah the Prince, Jesus as king. It was a one day event, and Jesus was rejected and crucified days later.

Amazing how this parade is ignored or misinterpreted. Some would say that it was the beginning of a "spiritual" kingdom. That is not just a different point of view, it is Satanic garbage. The parade was real. The branches and garments were real. The donkey was real. The real, earthly king was rejected, as was his real, earthly kingdom. All this was prophesied by Daniel almost 500 years earlier.

If I could have a very fervent wish fulfilled, it would be that you would read Daniel 9:24-27. It is so powerful and important to understanding the gentile world powers and their very last days, which are yet to come crashing down.

So is the kingdom of David--rejected by the authorities of that day--ended? Where is it now? Will it return? You bet it will. We are living inside the times referred to in Daniel 9. Sixty nine of the seventy weeks have been fulfilled, literally. One 7 year period remains. The book of Revelation covers this period.

After the church is raptured (Revelation 3:10), the time of Jacob's Trouble begins. It ends with the return of Jesus with His saints. The yet to be fulfilled Kingdom of David will be re-established. It will be just as real as the parade of that day.

See What are the seventy weeks of Daniel?

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