Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Man at the Bus Stop

When I was a young man, I remember waiting in a crowd at a bus stop. A man, head down, came shuffling along, until his path intersected a lady's shopping bag. Rather than walk around it, he murmured, "Lady, will you please move your shopping bag. I never stop walking in a straight line."

The lady blushed at his strange request, but moved her bag. The man never raised his head, just shuffled on his way. Obviously, he was a disturbed individual--one in a million.

But I bet we all know people with such a rigid, unvarying attitude, in the social or religious world. I have a theory--just a theory--that the more rigidity people exhibit, the less secure they are in their beliefs.

I read of a man of the gentry who gave a formal dinner, and when a guest used the "wrong" spoon, he arose and left the room. I was amazed that the host was watching to see which utensils people used. Wow, he was so propper!

I personally believe in correct doctrine, but the only distinction I make in the matter is between Christians and non-Christians. Not to shun the latter, but to adjust my understanding of those involved.

I have been hammered in God's foundry enough so that I have become tolerant of people. Maybe I will judge how straight others are when He has pounded on me some more, but I don't think so.

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