Sunday, April 26, 2015

Who Discovered Columbus?

Your throne was established long ago, you are from all eternity. Psalm 93:2, NIV

As a little child I one day tried to figure out when God began. Even then, I knew about beginnings. I saw my father plant a garden. Some of the plants, like grapes, could outlive me. I had been told of my own beginning. My baby picture was on the wall.

Then I turned to the thought of God's origin. It was as if I had bumped into a wall. I realized that He could not have had a "birthday", a day when he came into being. You might think this was a humbling experience for me. But rather, even then, I came to realize that the problem was too great for anyone to understand.

I could imagine my father's grape arbor with concrete posts existing forever. But it had a beginning. I felt my limitations--my inability--at such a young age. I knew that eternity was impossible to be known, for anyone. We see our limited understanding in such a thought.

Evolutionists and astronomers claim to look at how things began, but there is no mention of the origin of matter. They come into the game late, and start from there. No one dares to think of a beginning of existence itself. Ex nihilo, say philosophers and theologians--something from nothing. This explains Creation, but not the unfathomable One. The One who had no beginning, but always was.

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