Thursday, April 2, 2015

You Can't Bribe An Altimeter

A video explaining the cause of a mid-air collision of two airplanes said the pilot in one plane made a fatal mistake by following an air traffic controller instead of his own instruments. He was well trained and experienced. Yet when an onboard device gave him proper instructions on collision avoidance, he followed the voice of the distant controller, even though the advice was wrong.

The explanation was that the man flying the plane was from a culture that was authoritarian. People there followed instructions without questioning. This, plus the fact that the controller's voice was quite urgent, while the cockpit computer voice was more even and calm. Result? A fatal wreck.

Christians have sources of instruction that are infallible--the Bible and God's Holy Spirit. So why do they often ignore them and listen to the urgent voices of human authority instead? And why do the authorities give out false information?

Many are just ignorant, of course, but most are influenced or coerced by threats and bribes. Poor Christians! They will not trust their instruments.

Pilots are taught to follow their instruments over their own instincts. Think the plane's compass or altimeter are wrong? More likely, you are.

Same with Christians who follow false leaders. Most churches will limit what they teach because of fear of retaliation by the government that gives them tax-free status. Then there is the worry that unpopular doctrine may cause lack of membership and thus contributions. Last, the voice of the Devil himself. It can be quite urgent. This urgency, most likely an emotional one, is passed on to the congregation.

It costs a lot to hire lying pastors, but our infallible instruments--the Bible and study guides--are inexpensive, and a one-time investment. The Holy Spirit is free. Which ones shall we follow?

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